RI IPL Opposes Fracked-Gas Power Plant

​RI Interfaith Power & Light strongly opposes the proposed fracked-gas power-plant in Burrillville on moral grounds. As people of faith we must speak up for the truth of any matter and in support of the well-being of all people and God’s Creation.

The truth is that this power plant is not needed for RI's energy needs. Jobs created would be temporary and small in number compared to the permanent jobs that could be provided by the emerging renewable energy industry. The official information provided to the public plays down the plant's harmful effects on the climate by selectively picked scientific data that ignore other highly relevant science. 

This fracked-gas power plant would adversely affect the people living in Burrillville and the surrounding area, especially their water supply, and the health of all Rhode Islanders and neighboring states. It would also degrade the last remaining old growth forest in RI with its rich diversity of plants and animals. Even more catastrophic would be its impact on climate change because of the huge amount of carbon dioxide it would emit, and because of methane leaks involved in the production and distribution of fracked natural gas: methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Decisions such as not building this power-plant will determine whether Earth will continue to support human civilization, or conversely, whether our children, future generations, and all of God’s Creation will suffer from our failure to adequately address climate change with great urgency.

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RI Interfaith Power & Light believes that as we come together as people of faith, we find the inspiration, energy and resources we need to tackle the issue of climate change -- so we can fulfill our moral obligation to care for creation.

Made up of 22 local congregations and faith organizations, RI Interfaith Power & Light continues to lead the state by voicing our concerns over climate impacts and taking action to mitigate the effects of climate change on our most vulnerable citizens.

Our mission statement calls us to fulfill our moral responsibilities to be faithful stewards of Creation:
  • We work with local faith- based organizations to raise awareness about climate change, related spiritual teachings and practical responses.
  • We speak with and on behalf of the religious community to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • We advocate protecting Earth’s ecosystems, and safeguarding the well-being of future generations and of the poor of the world who are least responsible for, but most vulnerable to, climate-change impacts.

Together with other state leaders, we provide education on the issues of climate change, as well as concrete action steps congregations and individuals can take to make a difference on this over-arching issue.

We invite you to join us in this vital calling!

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