Rhode Island Interfaith Power & Light
  A faith-based response to global warming
Committed Leadership

RI IPL's Board of Directors consists of passionate individuals representing Rhode Island's Baha'i, Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal, Jewish and Unitarian faith communities.  
Rhode Island Interfaith Power & Light
PO Box 697, North Kingstown, RI 02852  (401) 324-9142  info@ri-ipl.org
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RI Interfaith Power & Light is a collection of faith communities committed to actively responding to global warming and its multiple effects on the earth. We are motivated by the call to love our neighbors (near and far) and take responsibility for the care of God's creation. While our diverse faith traditions translate this call in a variety of ways, our hearts have chosen to come together as one in response to this world-wide challenge.

As one of the 40 national affiliates of Interfaith Power & Light, we work with local faith-based organizations to:
  • raise awareness about climate change, related spiritual teachings and practical responses
  • promote energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • protect the earth's ecosystems and safeguard the well-being  of future generations and those least responsible, but most vulnerable to, climate change.

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